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  • Giving To HKBUAlumni Online Data Update
Hong Kong Baptist University Alumni Affairs Office
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HKBU Alumni Association of Australia

Contact: Mr. Sidney Cheng Chun-lit (COMM)
Email: chunlitcheng@hotmail.com
Website: -


Alumni Representative in Edmonton

Contact: Rev. Dr. George Lam Chung-yan (CE)
Email: alumni@hkbu.edu.hk
Website: -

HKBU Alumni Association of Alberta

Contact: Ms. Angie Kou Wan-bing (SM)
Email: alumni@hkbu.edu.hk
Website: -

HKBU Alumni Association of British Columbia

Contact: Mr. Samuel Chan Yat-yuen(BM)
Email: hkbuaabc@yahoo.ca
Website: -

HKBU Alumni Association of Ontario

Contact: Mr. Alfred Au Yeung Yiu-ming (COMM)
Email: info@hkbuaao.com
Website: http://hkbuaao.com/


HKBU Alumni Association of the Greater Bay Area

Contact: Mr. Vincent Ho (Communication-Film/Video)
Email: vincent3gtv@gmail.com
Introduction: HKBUGBAAA aims to foster development and promote networking amongst alumni in the 9 Mainland China cities in the Greater Bay Area; to interact with alumni associations in Hong Kong, Macau and other regions; and also to support alumni in learning from successful enterprises and/or in developing start-up businesses, with the ultimate aim of contributing to the development and betterment of mainland China.

HKBU Alumni Association of Macau

Contact: Mr. Paul Pang Chap-chong (MATH)
Email: hkbuamo@gmail.com
Website: -

HKBU Alumni Association of Shanghai

Contact: Mr. Yee Lam (COMM)
Email: yeelam@jadcn.com
Introduction: HKBUSHAA is the first HKBU alumni association in mainland China, which serves alumni from HKBU and BNU-HKBU United International College. As of today, HKBUSHAA has over 600 alumni members. Majority are young and energetic professionals in the pioneering industries in mainland China such as Internet, big data, eCommerce, FinTech, socially shared businesses etc.
WeChat Account: SHAA WeChat
Facebook Account: SHAA Facebook
Membership Registration Form: SHAA Membership Registration Form

UIC Alumni Association

Contact: Ms. Teresa Sun Fang (PR)
Email: alumni@hkbu.edu.hk
Website: -

New Zealand

HKBU New Zealand Alumni Association

Contact: Mr. Stephen Chu Kai-choi (COMM)
Email: alumni@hkbu.edu.hk
Website: -


Alumni Representative in Singapore

Contact: Ms. Lo Po Ling (COMM)
Email: pauline1668@hotmaill.com
Website: -


Alumni Representative in Bay Area

Contact: Ms. Stella Yeung Yuk-fun (CHI)
Email: alumni@hkbu.edu.hk
Website: -

Alumni Representative in New York/New Jersey

Contact: Mr. Simon Ho Tat-woon (CHI)
Email: alumni@hkbu.edu.hk
Website: -

HKBU Alumni Association of Southern California

Contact: Mr. Terence Tsang Ching-wah (BM)
Email: hkbuaasc@gmail.com
Website: -

HKBU Alumni Association, USA

Contact: Dr. Daniel Lamb Yiu-kwong (ENG)
Email: alumni@hkbu.edu.hk
Website: -

HKBU Northern California Alumni Network

Contact: Mr. Dong Kin-chung (BM)
Email: tonydong28@gmail.com
Website: -


For procedure on forming an alumni association, please CLICK HERE.