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Hong Kong Baptist University Alumni Affairs Office
AA Guideline

Procedures on Forming an Alumni Association

  1. Set up a Core Group

    Alumni who wish to form a new alumni association (AA) are advised to form a core group which may ultimately take up official positions of the Board or the Executive Committee when the AA is formally established. During the set-up period, core group members may contact Alumni Affairs Office (AAO) for assistance. If and when appropriate, AAO would help distribute news about the AAs to target alumni.

    Contact of AAO:

    Tel: (852) 3411 7877
    Fax: (852) 3411 2561
    Email: alumni@hkbu.edu.hk
    Website: www.hkbu.edu.hk/aao
  2. Determine the nature of Alumni Associations

    AAs are independent entities from Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), and could be registered either as a society under the Societies Ordinance or a company limited by guarantee under the Company Ordinance of the Laws of HKSAR.

  3. Prepare a Constitution or Memorandum and Articles of Association

    The Constitution or Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) of an institution is the essential document that guides the future operation and development of an AA. Members of the Core Group could take the lead to draft the Constitution or M&A, which should consist of the AA’s mission, objectives, directions, roles and responsibilities, etc. Either Constitution or M&A is required for registration under the Ordinance mentioned in paragraph 2.

  4. Differences between a society and a company limited by guarantee

    The following table highlights the main differences between a society and a company limited by guarantee.

    No. Areas Societies Company Limited by Guarantee
    1. Legislation Societies Ordinance
    Cap 151
    Companies Ordinance
    Cap 32
    2. Government Department for Registration Commissioner of Police (CP) – Licensing Office of the Hong Kong Police’s Societies Office
    Website address:
    Tel: 2860 3575
    Fax: 2200 4327
    Email: societies-office@police.gov.hk

    Companies Registry (CR)

    Website address:

    3. Registration Requirement
    1. Constitution / M&A / minutes
    2. Specified application form
    3. Three Office bearers and their ID copies
    4. Society address with proof or letter of consent from address owner
    1. Memorandum and Articles of Association
    2. Business Registration (BR)
    3. Incorporation form
    4. At least two directors, one secretary and one member
    5. A registered office
    6. Appointment of an auditor
    4. Effect of Registration Compliance with the law (application must be made within one month after formation) Formation of a company limited
    5. Time Required for Registration About 3- 4 weeks About 4 weeks
    6. Business Registration Fee per year Nil HK$450
    (effective 1 April 2012)
    7. Legal Identity No separate legal status Separate legal entity
    8. Maintenance & Operations Inform CP should there are changes on any but not limited to:
    1. name
    2. objects
    3. office bearers or principal place of business
    4. closure of a branch
    1. Strictly in accordance with M&A, and the Companies Ordinance
    2. Auditor’s report
    3. Annual general meeting (AGM) every twelve months
    4. Filing of annual report and return to CR
    5. Renewal of BR every year
    9. Legal Liability of Association All members are personally liable if assets are not sufficient to meet the liabilities Unlimited. All assets must be used for meeting the liabilities
    10. Legal Liability of Executive Committee Criminal sanction against office bearers if fail to register within  one month of formation or to report change within one month of such change (fine only) Criminal sanction against the executive committee members if fail to comply with the Companies Ordinance (imprisonment and fine)
    11. Personal (Member) Legal Liabilities All members are personally liable if assets are not sufficient to meet the liabilities Member’s liability is limited
    12. Termination Initiated by a resolution of members and need to inform CP in writing By winding up
    13. Distribution of Remaining Assets Constitution as the guideline Cannot be distributed among members according to M&A, but given to institutions with similar objects

NOTE: The above information is for reference only. Alumni are advised to consult legal professionals if further information is required.