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HKBU Takes Action to Build A Sustainable Low Carbon Campus

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To develop HKBU into a Sustainable Low Carbon Campus, the University has adopted a Sustainability Policy and the Campus Sustainability Action Plan 2009-2012 proposed by a Task Force comprising academic and administrative colleagues and students. Before drawing up the proposal, the Task Force consulted the University community. The Policy focuses on three areas – Resource and Energy, Green Campus, and Sustainable Culture – while the Action Plan maps out nine strategic goals which aim at reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1,000 tonnes by 2012, equivalent to approximately five per cent of the University's annual carbon footprint.

The Action Plan is a strategic document providing a roadmap for the integration of the concept of sustainability into campus facilities and operations, campus community cultures, research and curriculum activities in HKBU from 2009 to 2012. The nine strategic goals are: (1) Control the growth of energy use in existing facilities, including building, equipment, and the fleet of University vehicles; (2) Incorporate sustainable features in new buildings under the Campus Expansion Plan; (3) Broaden the waste management programme; (4) Develop a water conservation scheme; (5) Strengthen the green procurement policy and maintain a leadership role as a Fellow Member of the Green Purchasing Charter; (6) Increase campus green areas; (7) Foster a low carbon and sustainability culture; (8) Encourage green catering and eco-friendly dining; and (9) Engage the public in addressing climate change.

Recently, the University launched a Sustainability Website (http://www.lowcarbon.hkbu.edu.hk/live/zh/) to provide an interactive platform for the exchange of ideas on low carbon living among members of the University community. To solicit views and opinions and to facilitate discussions in the University community, a page on Facebook has also been created.

To build a sustainable low carbon campus and to contribute to environmental protection, the University is working hard towards the set goal. This will be achieved by a number of actions such as enhancing awareness of energy conservation through promotional activities, minimising waste production, expanding the waste recycling programme, promoting a green lifestyle on campus, collaborating on research pertaining to sustainability, minimising food waste, discouraging disposable items, promoting a healthy diet, reducing electricity and water consumption, utilising renewable energy, expanding the purchase list of environment-friendly products, and expanding existing campus green space, etc. The goal is to cut the University's carbon emissions by five per cent by 2012.

"To build a sustainable low carbon campus, the cooperation of all members of the University is essential. I truly hope you lend us your support. Let's work together to promote a low carbon lifestyle. The achievement of a sustainable future is not far from us," said Prof. Jonathan Wong, Convener of the Task Force on Sustainable Campus and Professor of Biology.

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