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HKBU MBA Alumni Association Holds Annual General Meeting 2023

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HKBU MBA Alumni Association held its Annual General Meeting on 8 March which was attended by over 20 members and guests including alumni Fan Jiaqi and Xiao Yingdan, Co-Chairman and Executive Chairwoman respectively of the HKBU MBA (China) Alumni Association. At the AGM, Chairman of the Association alumnus Andrew Yung reviewed the events participated and organised by the Association in the past year. Looking ahead, the Association will continue to organise different types of events to connect alumni.

The following cabinet members for the term 2023-24 were elected during the AGM:

Vice Chairmen:

Andrew Yung
Dr Raymond Hayat
Fanny Ding
Judy Dai
Wings Ko
Harry Ng
Sandy Tam
Virginia Ng

A post-AGM dinner gathering was held where attending members and guests grasped the opportunity to mingle and share their updates with each other.

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