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HKBU Alumni Association of Macau Holds Annual General Meeting and Luncheon Gathering with Presence of President Wai

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On 15 April, the HKBU Alumni Association of Macau (HKBUAA of Macau) organised its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and a luncheon at The Seasons located at the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST). Over 60 guests joyously joined the event, including Professor Alexander Wai, President and Vice-Chancellor; Dr Daniel Tse, President Emeritus; Mrs Kitty Tse; Ms Christine Chow, Vice-President (Administration) and Secretary; alumnus Professor Sunny Wong (Business Management), Chairman of Alumni Committee of HKBU Foundation; alumnus Wong Nga-chung (Honorary University Fellow; Business Management), Member of Alumni Committee of HKBU Foundation; alumnus Tyrone Siu (History), President of HKBU Alumni Association; alumnus Fan Jiaqi (Business Administration), Co-Chairman of HKBU MBA (China) Alumni Association; alumna Xiao Yingdan (Business Administration), Executive Chairwoman of HKBU MBA (China) Alumni Association; alumnus Yu Yafei (Business Administration), President of the Shenzhen Chapter and alumnus Lin Qiqin (Business Administration), Vice-President of the Shenzhen Chapter; Dr Melanie Lee, Director of Alumni Affairs, representatives from the Alumni Affairs Office and other alumni.

At the AGM, alumnus Paul Pang (Mathematics), President of HKBUAA of Macau, reported the updates of the Association and delightfully expressed that the event was the very first one they organised after the pandemic subsided. Alumnus Dr Sammy Liu (English Language and Literature), Supervisor General of the Association and Chancellor of MUST, endorsed the President’s report and expressed appreciation for the good work achieved by the Board of Directors.

While guests were enjoying the luncheon after the AGM, President Wai met and greeted alumni, providing latest updates of HKBU. With more frequent cross-border travels to come, it is hoped that more activities will be held by the Association in the near future. For those who are interested in joining the Association’s activities, please contact alumnus Paul Pang at: hkbuamo@gmail.com.

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