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Results Announcement of HKBU Century Club Sponsorship Scheme 2012

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Dedicated to rendering continuous contribution to support the University’s sustainable development, Century Club has launched the Century Club Sponsorship Scheme (the Scheme) since 2008 to provide financial support to projects which contribute to the betterment and sustainable development of HKBU.

Riding on last year’s success, the Scheme this year received encouraging response from various Faculties and Departments.  Chaired by Ms. Marianna Tsang Wai-chun, the Club’s President, the judging panel deliberated to grant a total of HK$268,500 to support the following seven academic and student development projects as follows:

  1. Department of Marketing - Young Marketers for Social Enterprise (YMSE)
  2. Department of Physics - Promoting the International Collaboration on Developing the New Method "Residue Iteration Decomposition (RIDE)" to Investigate the Relationship Between Brain Dynamic Activities and Functions
  3. Department of Chemistry - Making Copper Glow: The Development of New Luminescent Copper Materials in Simple and Low Cost Way
  4. Faculty of Science - Young Scientist Challenge Cup
  5. Faculty of Science - Whole Person Development Programme for Science Elites
  6. Chaplain Office - Character Development Workshop
  7. Chaplain Office - Christian Leaders Training Camp

The Century Club hopes that all funded projects will have fruitful results in promoting academic excellence and student development, making contributions to the community and strengthening the goodwill of HKBU.

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