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Alumnus Dr Ronald C. Po Releases His New Book in Chinese

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Alumnus Dr Ronald C. Po (History), Department of International History at The London School of Economics and Political Science, recently released his second book in Chinese entitled 《手挽銀河水:清季人物、歷史與記憶》(Turning the Tide: Historical Actors and Social Memory in Late Qing China).

His book focused on the tales of the Qing Empire which had been on the decline throughout the late nineteenth century. It was beset by challenges from both within and beyond. “Turning the tide” had been a common goal of Chinese intellectuals, as well as some Western advisors in China at that critical juncture in the hope of strengthening the country. But these historical actors, while eagerly looking for a way to revitalise the Empire, were also conditioned by a series of structural and external problems alongside their own cultural traditions and frustrations. As a new era of relations between China and the rest of the world has begun, this book will serve as a guiding history for students, businessmen, political scientists, or other nationals who are keen to better comprehend the history of this enigmatic dragon in the East.

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