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yat1sai3m4bat1yip6: Chow Yiu Fai Lyrics Writing Course Alumni Association Presented the TranSonger Project

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Chow Yiu Fai Lyrics Writing Course Alumni Association presented three new songs under the TranSonger Project (the Project).

The TranSonger Project was organised by Chow Yiu Fai Lyrics Writing Course Alumni Association (the Association), with sponsorship from the Equal Opportunities (Sexual Orientation) Funding Scheme 2020-21 of the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau. Besides, the project is blessed with wise counsel from the Transgender Resource Center as well as that from its founder Ms. Joanne Leung. The Project is also supported by the social enterprise Every Life Is A Song. The Association aims to promote, via the Project, the rights and interests of the transgender community through the production of popular music.

The Project first started in August 2020, with 3 groups of singer-songwriters and video creators recruited. Together, they created 3 songs, each with a video portraying the protagonist of a musical play. The music videos were released at the finale of the Project through an online sharing session on 10 January 2021.This Project aims to enhance public understanding of the transgender identity and raise the degree of recognition of transgender in society through popular music. It also serves to empower society to serve the transgender community and help the community consolidate its base.

This Project signifies the beginning of more projects by the Association in the fulfilment of its social responsibilities in the future.

Please view the videos below to learn more about the TranSonger Project.



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