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Distinguished Alumni from Physical Education and Recreation Management Sector Share Joy and Happiness of Being a "PE Person" at 55th Anniversary Alumni Sharing Forum

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Good sportsmanship, which Physical Education (PE) practitioners possess, is a much-needed value in the society of today. People who work in sports fields always seem to be energetic and active. Four distinguished alumni from the physical education and recreation management sector – Ms. Maggie Lam Ting-kan, Senior Sports Reporter at i-Cable News Limited; Mr. Sam Li Sai-sum, Associate Professor of the Department of Hotel, Service and Tourism & Dr. Patrick Chan Ping-cheung, Section Head (Physical Education) of the Student Affairs Office, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; and Mr. Kenny Chow Kun-wah, Associate Director of the Student Affairs Office, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, – shared the joy and happiness of being a "PE Person" at the Alumni Sharing Forum held on 11 October 2011 in celebration of HKBU's 55th Anniversary.

Alumna Ms. Maggie Lam Ting-kan: Making friends with local athletes!

Having been a frontline sports news reporter for years, Alumna Ms. Maggie Lam Ting-kan has become friends with and cares greatly about Hong Kong athletes. At the Asian Games 2006 in Doha, Maggie followed the progress of Mr. Chan King-yin (currently a student in the Department of Physical Education of HKBU) in the windsurfing event and shared his joy on winning the gold medal. On some occasions, Maggie also comforted crying athletes whose performances had not been good. "Being able to interact and become friends with athletes brings me lots of satisfaction".

Alumnus Mr. Sam Li Sai-sum: Being punctual helped me a lot!

Alumnus Mr. Sam Li Sai-sum is a very punctual person. He always arrives earlier than expected to prepare for the tasks ahead better. Sam also stressed that it was important to have good attitude and the willingness to accept new challenges. "Never let people have the impression that you are not doing your best," he said. Being an experienced teacher and coach, Sam strongly believes that being passionate is the key to success.

Alumnus Dr. Patrick Chan Ping-cheung: Great ability and integrity is important!

Having led the HKBU team and won the University Federation of Hong Kong Soccer Competition four times, Alumnus Dr. Patrick Chan Ping-cheung recalled that strong spirit was the key to their success. The HKBU campus didn't have a football field at that time but Patrick and his team, without much support, did not succumb to the unfavorable conditions and continued training hard. Their hard work paid off and they won matches, thanks to their stamina and sportsmanship. Patrick said he believed that a "PE Person" must possess good sportsmanship, be a good team-player and always strive for the best, attributes that would enable people to face difficulties and overcome obstacles in life. He also said that a good "PE Person" should possess both great ability and integrity, which are important qualities for gaining the respect and trust of others.

Alumnus Mr. Kenny Chow Kun-wah: Do not complain! Do not haggle!

Alumnus Mr. Kenny Chow Kun-wah has more than 30 years of working experience in the field of physical education. He encouraged every "PE Person" to put all their effort into making a contribution without complaining too much or asking for rewards. "Complaining and haggling will not bring support and recognition from your supervisors and colleagues. Therefore, you must try your best and do your utmost." Last but not the least, he encouraged the audience to make the best of every opportunity that came their way.

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